Dead In Bed: The Originators of Mangrove Metal

20 06 2010

Dag, yo. You need to check out Dead In Bed.

That’s right, it’s music review time again, and this time i’m gonna go off about people i know. Second from left in the pic is my friend Nigel (singer) and all the way right is my good friend Dave (drums). I have had the pleasure of playing with dave 6 years ago when we had our band Dr. Awkward, but man, his drumming just keeps getting better.

Dead In Bed are a metal band from the Lower Keys, Florida and you just gotta hear them to understand. Check out their myspace page here. or their full-on website here. They have a sound much like a less techno-y Ministry with some Devil Driver and some nameless 90’s metal bands thrown in.

Plus i have it on good authority this is where they record

So if you wanna hear some rad industrial-style metal, definitely need to check out dead in bed. And if you live in south florida/the keys, you really should go support them at the second annual Keys Metalfest at Coconuts in Key Largo

Go. go go gogogo




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