Fool Pitying 101: How to Fly a Tank

21 06 2010

I almost feel like that picture just wrote the article for me. GO SEE THE A-TEAM. It is pretty much the best movie that’s gonna come out this summer. It is a legit summer blockbuster action movie, and dare i say cooler than Iron Man 2. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man 2 was awesome and i didn’t see the Karate Kid, but I think I can safely say that The A-Team is better than both those movies combined.

Those of you that have heard me complain about movies would be like “but Trevor, you hate big budget action movies” this is simply not true. I hate Michael Bay action movies where a special effects budget that is larger than the GNP of most nations is used as a substitute for plot, and everything about the source material is changed to be hip, now, and trendy

Pictured: ruining everything

Fortunately for the American people that abomination in that picture is not in the movie. You know what is in the movie? Legit actors, a plot, and even a goddamned twist. I hope M. Knight Shaymalalaklam took some notes. Sure there’s plenty of badass action and splosions and whatnot, but man, you don’t even need to see the trailer to assume that a movie about the A-Team would have the occasional explosion/chase scene/B.A. not wanting to fly but Hannibal tricking him into it.

Also, Murdoch is hands down the coolest guy ever. I’m not even gonna get started on him because you just can’t explain crazy.

Imagine this as a pilot

Action! Excitement! Suspense! Explosions! Jessica Biel! The A-Team has it all! Oh, and stay after the credits…




3 responses

21 06 2010

Bravo. Not that I didn’t want to see this before, but I will DEF see it now…when I come back to the states and I have to wait months for it to appear on dvd. Damn.


21 06 2010

I was with T-Rex at this movie and it was everything I had hoped for. I was a big fan of the A-Team back in the day on TV and it was a great sequel to all of that. Great writing helps a movie and this one had it. Mainly, I guess, because creator Stephen J. Cannell produced this movie. Way cool.


21 06 2010

Oh yeah – the part where they “fly” the tank is amazing !


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