The Blink-182 Live Album Will Save Us All

1 10 2010

Just by looking at that, I can already hear the fade-in of the crowd cheering, and the power of the first few notes of Dumpweed. Just look at that picture. Like, really look at it. That is just the best time ever happening right there. That is everything being ok. A full damn decade later, and this is still one of my favorite albums of all time. I can not stress this enough: I GODDAMN LOVE BLINK-182. Now I know that like, a huge percentage of people are all like “oh Trevor, but Blink-182 is for 12-year-olds,” and to you i have two things to say: 1.) I was indeed 12 when I first started listening to them. That almost makes them classic rock to 12-year-olds now, and 2.)

That about sums it up

Yeah. How could you not like this album? It is pure, unbridled joy in audio format. The whole thing is like listening to a couple of best friends in middle school having the best day ever. Just like you used to have before your friends all started going different ways, moving off, working, having kids, etc. This is those middle school days when it was just you and your friends and everything was ok cuz you had no real grasp of the coldness that lay waiting for you in the real world. Mark, Tom, and Travis are champions for not giving in to the depressing mundaneness (mundaneitude?) of real life.

Keeping it real

Even just listening to their banter between songs, you can just hear that they are some happy, rad dudes. It’s all dick and fart jokes and innocent, childlike glee. There’s even one part where someone from the crowd flashes them mid-joke and after they tell her to put ’em away cuz she’s too young, you can hear mark mutter “gosh”. GOSH? Who even says that? That’s like calling someone a jerk, we have moved on to higher levels of insults and swearing. Not for Mark, he is pure. Not to mention, Mark, being the oldest of the group was damn near 30 when they started getting big.

Fully grown men

The best part about that album is that it is impossible to listen to any of it and not immediately feel better (Adam’s Song excluded). It’s like any Andrew W.K. song, if it doesn’t cheer you up, you may have some serious mental issues. Even Robert Smith of The Cure has to crack a smile when he hears what is clearly a bunch of best friends having the greatest day ever with guitars and microphones.

"Yes, hello, is this ALL THE LAWYERS? Sue Dr. T-rex for everything"

So we can all learn a few lessons from this. 1.) if you feel like it’s “time to grow up” (like stop partying and get some middle class career) and you’re still under 25, you have been misguided by bitter old folks. 2.) if you just take the time out to have a good time with your friends, everything will be better. 3.) Don’t piss off Robert Smith, he put you out on the street

Another victim of his tear-stained rage

I hope you have enjoyed how right I am about Blink-182 and their live album, and I will leave you with this:





2 responses

1 10 2010

I love you. And I love this. And everything about this page and the sentiments expressed on it.


1 10 2010

why thank you miss hannah. as you can probably tell, i really put some heart into this one


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